Aperture Handle Carrier Bags of all types, please call us now on: (01159) 410600.

One of our most popular products. these aperture handle carrier bags can be made on our Fastrack service guaranteed 7 day turnaround.


aperture handle varigauge carrier bags

Aperture Handle Carrier Bags

Made from a strong polythene they are often made from Varigauge Carrier Bags which come in many sizes and colours the material is made in such a way the handle band width is twice as thick as the bottom of the bag we use this material for our shorter runs (1000 upwards). They can print from one colour up to a combination of six colours (1+5 2+4 3+3) on one of six colour stack presses, the printing presses are much smaller enabling short runs and quick job changes

Printed flexographically using photo polymer plates the give a good print quality for line or block work.