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Eco Friendly Carrier Bags

Everyone is now aware of their need to reduce their personal carbon footprint, but trying to reduce your personal carbon footprint by reusing a “eco friendly shopping bag” might not actually be the best way to achieve your goals.

Obviously it is a good thing to re-use you bags and thereby reduce the need for more bags to be made, however some bags start out their lives carrying a heavy carbon footprint, some are so heavy that you would never be able to use them enough times in order for the bag itself to be truly “eco friendly”.

The issue of eco friendly carrier bags is something the government is trying to influence by introducing the much talked about carrier bag tax,  this has and is being seen as a very clumsy law which will not actually achieve any measurable results other than potentially influencing a percentage of the population on re-using their shopping bags. The goal should really have been focussed on which carrier bag truly has the lowest carbon footprint and then looking at what can be done to reduce the impact on the environment of the carrier bag.

Please see below a rough guide as to how many times a bag would need to be reused in order to make it more eco friendly than a traditional vest carrier bag used by most supermarkets.

ecofriendlycarrierbag1 equals


A Paper Bag

has to be reused 4 times


An LDPE “Bag for Life” 

has to be reused 5 times


A Non Woven PP Bag

has to be reused 14 times


A Cotton / Jute Bag

has to be reused 173 times


Whilst well intentioned it does look like the carrier bag tax will be largely ineffective, the proceeds from the tax could have been used to create a fund to help with reducing the environmental impact of the use of single use domestic bags, or it could have been used to subsidise the use of a more expensive bag in supermarkets that has less environmental impact such as paper or even cotton bags that are either bio degradable or are more likely to be re-used.

There are actually many different types of carrier bags that could be interpreted as an eco friendly carrier bag but here are some of our suggestions that each have a different case for being classed as eco friendly carrier bags.

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Paper Carrier Bags

These bags are by far the most popular paper bag on the market. They offer a real alternative to polythene and are perfect for low to middle volume users.
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Laminated Paper Bags

Laminated carrier bags are a luxury bag that are used by some of the most upmarket retail stores, we produce two types of these laminated carrier bag; our cord handle bags and our die cut handle bags.
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LDPE Flexiloop Handle

This bag’s reusable qualities make it a reasonably priced “bag for life”. Supplied with a soft loop handle and available in many sizes, material and colours, similar to the aperture but of a higher quality.
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PP Woven Bags

Widely used for holding heavy items. Ideal for long term use, being very strong and easy to wipe clean. They can be printed with any design and manufactured to any size or shape.
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PP Non-Woven Bags

Branded non woven bags are 100% bespoke to your size and print design. Even though the bags look like textile, they are in fact made from spun bonded polypropylene, commonly known as PP, which is a by product of crude oil.
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Cotton Bags

In recent times cotton has become increasingly popular, due mainly to the reduction of single use carrier bags made from paper and polythene.
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Jute Bags

Like the cotton bag, jute has seen a dramatic increase in popularity and is perceived as a more durable alternative to cotton.