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patch handle carrier bags
patch handle carrier bags

Patch Handle Carrier Bags

These plastic bags are our most popular style of plastic bag. Patch handle carrier bags can be made from either LD Polythene or HD Polythene. Plastic gauges go from 30 mu (120g) up to 75mu (300g)

We can offer many sizes in this style of plastic patch handle carrier bags sizes range from 200×300 up to 760x610x100

This style of bag can be printed using our most up to date printing machine. Anything from single colour up to 8 colours including 4 colour process and up to 100% coverage. We can add degradable additives to the film, either D2W or Deg64 to make the bags Eco Friendly at our customer’s request.

When we print on this style of plastic carrier bag it is printed as a flat sheet and both sides of the bag are printed simultaneously. Once printed the film is put on a conversion machine where it is folded in half and the gusset is added and the patch handle is stuck to the inside of the bag around the handle area, using water based glue.

The handle is then punched out leaving the polythene patch reinforcement around the handle area. Because these bags are made this way using single gauge film they can be produced much quicker, giving the customer a quality polythene patch handle carrier bag at a highly competitive price.

Much like our varigauge, Patch Handle Carrier Bags are flexible and durable and can be printed from 1 colour up to 8 colours, including process and 100% ink coverage. These bags can be produced to LDPE, MDPE or HDPE. Degradable additive optional.

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Specification: Polythene / Patch / LDPE / MDPE + degradable additive
Choice of sizes Smallest carrier 203 x 305. Various gauges available up to a max. 400
Max. size is 762 x 610 + 76 White or Coloured
Printing Max. Process + 4 Spot Colours. 100% ink coverage available
Colour Large range of film colours
Order Quantity Min. 5000
Material 35mu – 100 mu
Delivery 7-21 working days
Notes Glued or welded patch reinforcements available