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With the recent news of the carrier bag charge to applied in England and Wales of 5 pence per bag, we  felt it was important to point out that there are alternative ways to deal with the problem, we can supply varigauge carrier bags, which  are actually biodegradable carrier bags.

Biodegradable Carrier Bags can be made with no discernible difference to normal printed carrier bags, just by simply adding a simple element known as D2W

Controlled-life Plastic Technology

Plastic is strong, durable, versatile, lightweight, safe and virtually indestructible. All plastic will eventually degrade and biodegrade, but modern plastics can last in the open environment for many decades after their useful life. This plastic pollution can be controlled and reduced by using d2w intelligent plastic technology.

d2w is a polymer-based masterbatch made with specially developed IP and tested for eco-toxicity. When d2w is placed inside the plastic product, it will control and shorten the degradation and biodegradation process. There is no need to stop using plastics – add just 1% of “d2w inside” your normal plastic product at the extrusion stage and leave the rest to nature.

Products made with d2w Controlled-life Plastic Technology are re-usable and recyclable and have been tested for food contact.


Products made with d2w can be found in more than 80 countries in a multitude of applications for some of the largest companies.

A no-change added-value solution

  • No need to change designs or suppliers – just add d2w!
  • Products made with d2w will harmlessly and automatically self-destruct after the product has served its purpose – more quickly than straw and twigs and much more quickly than normal plastic.
  • Heat, light and stress accelerate the process – plastics should be disposed of responsibly but if littered, degradation can take place within a few short months when exposed to hot climatic conditions.
  • D2w plastics are not currently marketed as compostable, nor are they intended to degrade under anaerobic conditions in landfill.

They can be recycled with other oil-based plastics – unlike “compostable” plastics, which will ruin a normal plastic recycling process.

If you have any questions about biodegradable carrier bags please feel free to get in touch with us on; (0115) 941 0600 and we will be happy to help.