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Varigauge carrier bags are normally the standard type of carrier bags used, generally made from a low density polythene. The varigauge construction means the polythene is usually twice as thick at the top around the handle and reduces to normal gauge thickness as you get towards the base of the bag. The standard gauge of a varigauge carrier bag is normally 45/90 mu.












Varigauge carrier bags come in all shapes and sizes the standard regular bag being 15″ by 18″ with a gusset of 3″.

We manufacture varigauge carrier bags here in the Nottingham factory with minimum runs starting at only 1,000 bags.

The print specifications can be from a single colour on one side right up to four spot colours. Printing on both sides of the carrier bags is also available up to 3 colours.










The majority of varigauge carrier bags come in clear and white but they can come in just about any colour the client specifies, simply contact us to let us know what your requirements are and we will be more than happy to give you a written quotation.












Varigauge carrier bags also provide the basic bag for a vari-loop carrier bag, similar to a flexi-loop carrier bag which can be supplied on a fasttrack basis if required.