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Our patch handle carrier bags are the most popular type of plastic carrier bag manufactured here at Oversolve, we understand the importance of producing even the most basic bags to the highest possible standard.

We also recognise the important issue of producing environmentally friendly bags, which is why these bags are produced using a degradable additive.

This style of bag can be printed using our most up to date printing machine. Anything from single colour up to 8 colours including 4 colour process and up to 100% coverage. We can add degradable additives to the film, either D2W or Deg64 to make the bags Eco Friendly at our customer’s request.

3000 patch handle carrier bags printed 1 colour both sides

Size: 380mm x 450mm + 75mm bottom gusset

2 sides 1 colour

Price: £110.00 + VAT per 1000

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When we print on this style of plastic carrier bag it is printed as a flat sheet and both sides of the bag are printed simultaneously. Once printed the film is put on a conversion machine where it is folded in half and the gusset is added and the patch handle is stuck to the inside of the bag around the handle area, using water based glue.

The handle is then punched out leaving the polythene patch reinforcement around the handle area. Because these bags are made this way using single gauge film they can be produced much quicker, giving the customer a quality polythene patch handle carrier bag at a highly competitive price.

Much like our varigauge, Patch Handle Carrier Bags are flexible and durable and can be printed from 1 colour up to 8 colours, including process and 100% ink coverage. These bags can be produced to LDPE, MDPE or HDPE. Degradable additive optional. These patch handle carrier bags can be produced in various stock sizes and Oversolve offer our unique fastrack service on this product, which enables last minute orders to be produced at break neck speed.

Here at Oversolve our aim is to ensure that all of our products are manufactured to the best possible standard so that all of our customers are guaranteed the best result possible.

Please see some recent examples of our clients carrier bags below…