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FAQ’s  Potato Starch Carrier Bags

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What is the product and how is it made?

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The potato starch film is plasticiser and GM free material derived from potato starch, suitable for domestic and industrial composting.

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How should dispose of it?

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Put into your home compost bin, or food waste caddies and green waste for collection by local authorities.

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How long does it take to compost?

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Typically within 360 days for home composting or within 180 days for industrial composting.

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How does the process work?

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The composting process starts after contact with micro-organisms, when humidity level is up to 80% and temperatures over 25°C.

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Are any contaminants left behind?

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At least 90% of the material will convert into CO2, the remaining share is converted into water and biomass.

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What happens if it is put into landfill?

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The film is not intended for landfill, although it will degrade eventually depending on conditions.

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Will it dissolve in water?

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No. Although pure starch is soluble, once processed the film material is not.

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Does the film contain allergens?

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No the film does not contain any allergens and complies with the EU 2003/89 directive. Our allergens policy provides full details and is available on request.

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How should the film be stored?

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Store in normal dry warehousing conditions away from direct sunlight and above freezing temperatures.

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What is the minimum gauge we can buy?

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20mu is the minimum and we have OK Home Compostable Certification for films up to 60mu.

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How does the film strength compare to standard LDPE?

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It has similar strength characteristics as LDPE films at similar gauges.

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Can you print on compostable film?

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Yes the film is suitable for print, it should be noted that ink coverages must be within specified parameters. Please contact us for clarification.

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Is it suitable for food use?

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Verified as suitable for use in food contact applications.

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What markets are you currently supplying to?

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Mailing applications, produce films, toilet tissues and pet bedding. Trials are being carried out in other markets.

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Do you have any Certifications?

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 TUV Ok Compost Home.  BRC Accreditation – Grade AA. (Copies are available upon request).

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Are there any limitations we should consider?

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The film remains the responsibility of Alfaplas to end of life. Any additional processes (e.g. bag conversion/lamination etc) must be disclosed and discussed. Please see above for ink limitations on printed film.