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FAQ’s  Potato Starch Carrier Bags

The potato starch film is plasticiser and GM free material derived from potato starch, suitable for domestic and industrial composting.

Put into your home compost bin, or food waste caddies and green waste for collection by local authorities.

Typically within 360 days for home composting or within 180 days for industrial composting.

The composting process starts after contact with micro-organisms, when humidity level is up to 80% and temperatures over 25°C.

At least 90% of the material will convert into CO2, the remaining share is converted into water and biomass.

The film is not intended for landfill, although it will degrade eventually depending on conditions.

No. Although pure starch is soluble, once processed the film material is not.

No the film does not contain any allergens and complies with the EU 2003/89 directive. Our allergens policy provides full details and is available on request.

Store in normal dry warehousing conditions away from direct sunlight and above freezing temperatures.

20mu is the minimum and we have OK Home Compostable Certification for films up to 60mu.

It has similar strength characteristics as LDPE films at similar gauges.

Yes the film is suitable for print, it should be noted that ink coverages must be within specified parameters. Please contact us for clarification.

Verified as suitable for use in food contact applications.

Mailing applications, produce films, toilet tissues and pet bedding. Trials are being carried out in other markets.

 TUV Ok Compost Home.  BRC Accreditation – Grade AA. (Copies are available upon request).

The film remains the responsibility of Alfaplas to end of life. Any additional processes (e.g. bag conversion/lamination etc) must be disclosed and discussed. Please see above for ink limitations on printed film.