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Sugar Cane Carrier Bags

It’s a carrier bag made from sugar cane ethanol…

We have formed a partnership with a leading manufacturer who are making the film for these carrier bags and as a key partner we are promoting this product with their support.

After refining sugar cane the waste product is processed to make alcohol, from that they make the alcohol into Ethanol. The Ethanol can then be made into polymer which is much like the same refining technique’s used in making oil based polymer.

We are very happy to announce that the product is carbon neutral and 100% recyclable.

made from sugar cane
sugar cane carrier bags

Currently plastic products are being targeted by the governments and environmental institutions so we are constantly being asked for viable alternatives and we feel this is product really is.

Of course this does come at a cost and prices will naturally be more than our normal bags, but we feel this is a viable alternative to oil based polythene with the best green credentials to back it up.

Please click here to see copies of certification from the Carbon trust = PAS2050 Carbon Neutral, 100% recyclable.

To start with we will be marketing this product as a turn over top carrier bag so it will be a 100% “Polyair” product, should it prove popular we can move on to make all other products with this material.

A basic price list is available upon request, if you are interested to find out more please click here

If you are interested in Sugar Cane Carrier Bags please call us now on: (0115) 9410600.